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What Is the Importance of Mosquito Control in Orlando, Florida?

Orlando, Florida is home to more than just the most famous mouse. The area is also home to dozens of types of irritating mosquitoes. With the humid and rainy climate of Orlando, mosquito populations are sky-high for an extended period of the year, typically from March to November. Orlando homes also tend to have a lot of water features—another tempting feature for mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes are drawn to many of the same perks of living in Florida that we as humans are, mosquito control is vital in this area to make sure that you can still enjoy your time outdoors!

Mosquito Joe is here to help make your outdoor spaces comfortable again. If you live near streams, lakes, swamps, marshes, and ponds, you will inevitably have a large infestation of mosquitoes. With help from our team of professionals, you can reduce and prevent populations with mosquito spraying in Orlando, FL.

Benefits of Mosquito Spraying in Orlando, FL

Our mosquito exterminators in Orlando, FL will help make your yard a buzz-free sanctuary. By contacting Mosquito Joe to address your pesky problem, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Protect your outdoor space. Mosquitoes can spread disease and cause uncomfortable skin irritations. They can easily transmit illnesses like the Zika virus and West Nile virus. Humans and pets can get sick from a single bite.
  • Encourage time outdoors: Family members may feel reluctant to head outside when a yard is overrun with mosquitoes. After contacting us for mosquito spraying in Orlando, FL, you will be able to eat and play in your yard without pests.
  • Save time and money: Store treatments tend to be minimally effective. For instance, citronella candles only deter pests in a small area of your backyard. Barrier sprays last for weeks, and our mosquito exterminators in Orlando, FL will handle all the hard work.
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How Can Mosquito Joe Assist with Mosquito Control in Orlando?

Orlando residents will experience fewer mosquito swarms in their yards by using any of the various options that Mosquito Joe provides. We offer customized plans for anyone who needs mosquito control in Orlando, FL. Our services include:

  • Barrier sprays: Trained service professionals will evaluate and treat your front and backyards. When you need mosquito spraying in Orlando, FL, call us, and our professional team members will target typical pest hotspots in your yard, including trees and shrubs.
  • Natural treatments: We also offer natural pest control in Orlando, FL. This option uses ingredients like essential oils and garlic to ward off mosquitoes.
  • Special events: If you have an upcoming party, barbecue, or wedding, be sure to protect your guests from bites! Our professionals will get your outside space ready for your party with a spray that dries within 30 minutes and provides weeks worth of protection.
  • Misting Systems: Mosquito Joe of Orlando can install systems that make it simple to keep your outdoor area free of pests all year-round. They spray periodically to provide a more long-lasting solution, and it’s all automated!

Tips for Choosing Your Mosquito Exterminators in Orlando, FL

Mosquito Joe has an exceptional track record for treating big and small yards for pests. Our mosquito control in Orlando, FL works against mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and some species of flies. Repeating service every three weeks can keep your yard an itch-free zone throughout the summer. Both synthetic and natural pest control sprays adhere to foliage to prevent pests from re-emerging.

Our service professionals will help you make your home less attractive to pests. During our inspection, we will note any problem spots on the property and provide recommendations on how to fix the issues. We stand by our work and are proud to offer a Done Right Promise™, ensuring your satisfaction. If you aren’t completely happy with our services, contact us within 14 days, and we will return to make it right.

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Contact Mosquito Joe of Orlando to request a quote today online or by phone at 407-318-2547. We can help make outdoors fun again with options like simple but long-lasting barrier sprays and natural pest control in Orlando, FL.

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Mosquito Joe has done a great job keeping the mosquitos away. Waller, our technician, did a thorough treatment today.


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