Current Promotions for Mosquito Joe of Orlando

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Coupon $49 1st spray-4-10-16


*The offer above is for lots .25 acre to 1 acre…but I know what you’re thinkin…my lot is just over an acre…I wonder if they will charge me the $49 or a higher price…. 🙂 Why don’t you call and find out…? have nothing to lose…except, of course those pesky ole pest… All the Joes at Mosquito Joe are just looking for a way to make your Outside Fun Again, so more than likely you’re gonna get the best price available ……just saying…we want your business! And besides we know you will never leave us once you’ve used us….!!!


*Now is your lot larger than an acre but smaller than the Ponderosa? OK, I know what you’re thinkin too…if they’ll give the guy with the acre + the $49 price I bet I could get them to do the same for little ole me…besides my lot is only 1.15 acres….We love to kill mosquitoes and make Outside Fun so go ahead and CALL you just never know what the Joes are going to do…call and find out…besides the most it can cost for that first spray is at least 50% off (see below) so try us out….and heck…you can’t hardly buy a cup of Starbucks coffee for what the Joes will charge you… 🙂


Coupon 50 PERCENT OFF 1st spray-6-12-15

*So you have some acreage, do you? Well what can we do for you….? how bout you call and let the Joes do a custom quote for ya…they can do it (in most cases) sittin right in front of their computer….and most of the time they estimate low anyway so…who knows, you may get the deal of a lifetime….but remember this, you knew what you were getting in to when you bought all that acreage….you knew it was gonna cost ya some moola to keep it up, now didn’t you? 🙁 …so time to bite the bullet….call, we’ll figure out something….you don’t want those pesky ole biting and annoying pest to keep you from enjoying all that beautiful acreage….as we always say at MoJo “a yard is a terrible thing to waste”….we want your business! call today….besides 50% off for that 1st spray ain’t bad, is it?… 🙂


All of you, please, keep this in mind….we just love Making Outside Fun Again for our friends! And as we’ve been known to say all the time “we love to kill skeeters for our friends”….well, actually we’ve never said that 🙂 … but we do love to have HAPPY CUSTOMERS….So we will do whatever it takes to earn and keep your business! Please call today….A yard IS a terrible thing to waste!